Josh Wink at Myst

It wouldn't be quite fair to call trance kingpin Josh Wink a hippie, but hell, we will anyway, because of his vegan lifestyle and the years he wore his blond hair in long dreadlocks. But then again, hippies aren't known for being anti-drug -- for that matter, neither are trance DJs -- which Wink definitely is. Nonetheless, we won't tell anybody if you get hopped up on E's or smoke a fatty before he hits town on Friday, April 29, at Myst in Scottsdale. Wink, the founder of influential Ovum Records, was one of the '90s' biggest names in acid-trance and house music, but he hasn't disappeared from the scene, releasing Profound Sounds, Vol. 2, an acclaimed DJ mix CD, just a couple years back. Expect an energetic mix of his own productions as well as bass-pumping hits -- just don't do a bump in the toilet stall while he's taking a break.


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