Jumpdown Sessions Vol. II

We sincerely hope the walls of the Draw 10 Lounge, 5444 East Washington Street, are earthquake-proof because they definitely will be shaking, thanks to all the bass-heavy beats that will be blasted Saturday, January 10, during Jumpdown Sessions Vol. II. A throbbing selection of dubstep, jungle, and other booming genres is planned for the night, courtesy of Portland's Noah D., who's co-headlining the event. Signed to Dieselboy's Human Imprint Recordings, the 32-year-old is big-time into drum 'n' bass, grime, and dub and has built a worldwide reputation for his killer mixes. He'll be joined on the decks by the UK's Unknown Error, as well as locals DFT, V, and others. Orange County's DJ Culprit will also be in attendance, laying down tracks while MC Shells provides the vocals. The 18-and-over event starts at 9 p.m. with $12 cover for those under 21 and $10 for everybody else. Visit www.myspace.com/groovecorps.


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