Junkie XL

Dutch DJ Tom Holkenborg, better known as Junkie XL or JXL, provides the equivalent of an audio aphrodisiac with his latest album, Booming Back at You, a collection of electro-sexy songs filled with throbbing bass, swooning synths, pumping drums, and hormonal harmonies — suggestive, yes, but not as direct as his single, "Fuck More." There are dozens of remixes of the single, including one featuring Lauren Rocks that sounds like Shiny Toy Guns and Lords of Acid taking a digital bath together. The video for "More" was shot by Holland native and edgy electro/glam/house DJ Joost van Bellen, and features close-ups of a beautiful booty shaking in a lime green dress, scenes of a prostitute giving a blowjob, and eyeballs in a handbag (and this is the edited version on MySpace). Of course, it would all be gratuitous if JXL weren't such an amazing mix master, but the 39-year-old's been honing his chops since the early '90s, working with everybody from DJ Tiesto and Sasha to David Gahan of Depeche Mode. He's a diverse turntablist, too, having done remixes for heavy metal acts like Fear Factory and Rammstein. So even if the message (sex) is the same on every song, the beats will not be.


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