Justin Bieber @ Jobing.com Arena

Justin Bieber more closely resembles John Lennon than the majority of musicians today. That's right: It's been said. Songs like "As Long As You Love Me" and "Baby" are more heartfelt, innocent love ballads than the jaded, bitter tunes of jilted rock stars who have been used, abused, and left out to dry. Additionally, "All Around the World" brings a greater message of peace than all the alcohol-stained anthems used for starting coke parties and orgies. Where did all the Biebs hate come from, anyway? It's probably got more to do with his resemblance to a certain lesbian talk-show host than his talent, or the fact that his first two albums were marketed to preteens. Your kid sister loves Bieber, so he's instantly not cool, right? Why can't you and your little sister agree on something? Think about why Justin Bieber has a higher score on the Klout online "influence" scale than Obama or the Dalai Llama. Who brings more peaceful influence to the world, an old guy in a country you've never heard of, an old guy who's waging war in the Middle East, or a freshly 18-year-old kid who's actually contributed to the 2011 Egyptian revolution (look it up) with a message of doe-eyed teen love, and brotherhood? That's something we can all "beliebe" in.


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