Darren Styles

Kandieland @ Arizona Event Center

If there's one constant to the rave scene — other than all the bright lights and booming beats — it's kandie. No, not the sort of sugary confections that are sometimes sold by vendors and often munched on by hyperactive teens and post-adolescents at underground events. Instead, we're referencing the endless rainbow of plastic bracelets, necklaces, or baubles sported by said rave kids in abundance. You're certain to see an excess of such trinkets being sported with pride throughout the Arizona Event Center, 1300 South Country Club Drive in Mesa, during the annual Kandieland dance party on Saturday, November 9. The event's promoters are bringing in some major names for the eight-hour affair, including such British imports as happy hardcore vanguard/trance specialist Darren Styles and hard dance producer Gammer. Quosh Records king Chris Unknown is also scheduled to perform, as a lineup of ultra-talented local DJs and EDM practitioners, including the Dulectro Thugs, Damien Helzcoming, Rize, Skull Kids, and Kromozome Zero. The party runs from 7 p.m. until 3 a.m. General admission is $25, VIP access is $35. Call 602-315-9023 or see www.purplepass.com.


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