Around your bros, it's impossible not to sneer at the mawkish sentimentality of Hopes and Fears, the debut from Brit trio Keane. But get those same guys around their girlfriends and wives, and the record takes on this weird power -- it becomes . . . beautiful . . . gorgeous . . . wonderful. Diabolically perfect prom music, Tom Chaplin's brand of piano-based balladry dazzles with big sing-along hooks while quietly tunneling directly for the heart. So many dudes will be slow-dancing to Keane at their wedding, and you can bet their buds will laugh at them for being such wusses. But don't sweat it, men -- it happens. If you've somehow been unaffected, go to the concert -- it'll be nothing but happily whipped men and their mooning dates. What happened to all the tough guys? As Chaplin explains, "We might as well be strangers in another town/We might as well be living in a different world."


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