Keith Urban

In case you were pining for another four-month Hollywood/Nashville marriage to fill the Kenny Chesney/Rene Zellweger void, forget it. Urban and Nicole Kidman are currently not an item according to the London Free Press, which reports Kidman advised Urban, "I'm just too busy for romance right now, as much as I like you." Aww, c'mon, how demanding can Bewitched 2 be? Unlike Mr. Chesney, who just turned in a duff new album and boring TV special, this Urban cowboy can't be dismissed on the grounds of "fraud." He's accrued eight consecutive country Top 10s, possesses a pleasant high tenor not heard in country since Glen Campbell had a Goodtime Hour, plays guitar like Mark Knopfler, is the only country artist who's not hiding pattern baldness under a 10-gallon hat, and he kinda looks like that Sawyer dude on Lost. Plus he's an Aussie, and Down Under hasn't seen a country crossover this big since Olivia Newton-John ruined the word "mellow" for a whole lotta people. On his last album, Be Here, Urban bookended a bunch of reformed-alcoholic songs with optimism that sounded more earned than forced out to make your 12-step partner happy. Your move, Nicole!


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