Keller Williams

Keller Williams, the one-man jam band, is known for his ability to get the sound of a full orchestra out of his acoustic guitar using a variety of pedals and loops. On Dream, he invites 20 friends along for 16 unpredictable performances as a trio, quartet, full band, and duo. "Cadillac" is a gentle blues tune featuring Bob Weir and Williams singing the praises of Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Jesus, and Santa Claus as they drive down a rolling acoustic highway. "Kiwi and the Apricot" showcases the funky eight-string guitar of Charlie Hunter and superdrummer Derrek Phillips. "Twinkle" is a free improvisation with Steve Kimock on electric guitar, Williams on bass, and John Molo from Modereko on drums. Kimock's excellent tone and phrasing moves from chiming, sitarlike runs to bluesy jazz figures, with Molo's inventive timekeeping supplying flurries of percussive accents. Williams' fat, rolling bass line ain't half-bad, either. Béla Fleck, John Scofield, Michael Franti, and other heavies also stop by to add spice to Williams' always exuberant compositions.


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