Kids Like Music Too: Fun Music That Little Ones Will Also Like

Though New Times is typically not known for writing about things good for the under age 10 crowd, we do appreciate it when people who play "kids" music do an interesting job. Phoenix has a few upcoming events that you would be a-ok for you to bring the kiddies.

Like, for example, Randy Kaplan, who is known for both his adult and his children's songs, and his sound has been described as, "Tin Pan Alley meets Shel Silverstein meets Dylan," by local children's music super-blogger Stefan Shepherd. He'll be playing on Sunday, June 13 at the much lauded Children's Museum of Phoenix. While he's got several fan favorites, I included his "I Like Cacti" for our desert-dwellers. (Plus, you've gotta respect any out of towner that refers to them as "cacti" rather than "cactuses.")

Up On The Sun gives a tip of the hat to Zooglobble for pointing these events out to us...


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