It's all child's play at this weekend's Kindergarten Rave.

Kindergarten Rave

Mommy and Daddy? We've been really good lately, so can we go on a field trip with our bestest buddies to the Kindergarten Rave on Saturday, February 24? Don't worry, there'll be supervision from growned-ups, like our two special hippy-hoppy friends, Grand Buffet from Pittsburgh (who'll be performing), and we'll get exercise while dancing to Philly DJs MindBender & Mighty Mike Saga. Our other DJ friends, Dr. MD, Cik, Starr, Sixxx, Pac-D, and others are going, so can we? Pretty please? The first couple of hundred people get goody bags filled with glow sticks, toys, and juice boxes. We can also do lots of neat-o kiddy crafts and fingerpaintings, and there's also gonna be balloon sculptures, breakdancing exhibitions, and video-game tournaments for cash. It's also for a good cause, since we can either pay $17 to get in (with $2 going to Saint Vincent de Paul) or $15 with a donation of canned goods, nonperishable food items, or unused toiletries. You can drop us off at 9 p.m. and call 602-325-1595 or see that night to find out where we are. We'll dress warm, we promise.


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