For someone who's considered one of the forefathers of hardcore hip-hop, KRS-One sure gets into a lot of scuffles with his progeny. While many artists readily admit the influence KRS-One had on their music (Sublime even gave props to the rapper with its song "KRS-One"), other artists such as Nelly and Kristyles have openly dissed the former front man of Boogie Down Productions. Unfazed, KRS-One (whose name means "Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Everyone" and is also known as "The Teacher") continues to give the finger to the faithless and to rap about the two things he's always rapped about -- politics, and how he's the best on the mike. While other hip-hoppers espouse the joys of thongs and thuggin', KRS-One addresses issues like racism, black-on-black violence, homelessness, and police abuse. Not surprisingly, the New York native's 13th album, Keep Right, does not mention dope, drinking or bitches -- unless the "dope" is a dope lyrical flow.


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