Kurt Cobain Biopic Could Star Scarlett Johansson as Courtney Love

So apparently, Scarlett Johansson, who, in case you forgot, collaborated with Pete Yorn on a record last year, is a fan of Courtney Love.

According to NME, ScarJo likes Love so much she would find the notion of playing her in a forthcoming Kurt Cobain biopic "interesting and intriguing."

Don't get too excited/pissed off yet. Nothing's official, and Johansoon says she doesn't know much about it, she's just a fan of the ideas.

She told MTV News: "I'm a big fan of Courtney's and I think she's very, very talented. But I don't know anything about the project." No word on how Ms. Love feels about this, though she has said that she'd like either Ryan Gosling or James McAvoy to play her late husband. Sorry Court -- I don't think anyone really cares what you want anymore. You've already gotten your way with Cobain's legacy being sold off so many times. (And in case you haven't heard, it looks like she's ready to sell his entire catalog now.)


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