L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns @ Club Red

The current version of L.A. Guns is at least the second band bearing his name to not feature Tracii Guns, the guitarist who founded L.A. Guns and briefly took part in the Sunset Strip mega-merger that begat Guns N' Roses. This iteration features two longtime members, singer Phil Lewis and drummer Steve Riley; they pushed on after Guns' departure in 2002 and have outlived Guns' own version of the band, which toured from 2006 to 2012. (In case you were wondering, Guns, who hasn't been a member since 2002, later formed the even-more-specific Tracii Guns Band, which has not yet begun to tour without him.) This L.A. Guns has been dutifully carrying the torch for the Sunset Strip scene ever since, releasing a covers album (Covered in Guns) and new albums with titles like Hollywood Forever and Tales from the Strip. Twenty-five years have ensured the group isn't threatening anymore; nobody's parents are going to ban them from listening to "6.9 Earthshaker," because nobody's children are listening to L.A. Guns. But the band sounds about as it did back when your parents were threatened, which is basically the point.


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