Lady Antebellum @ Comerica Theatre

Kid Rock described Lady Antebellum as a "hillbilly Fleetwood Mac, except I suspect they don't do drugs or sleep with each other." Hmm? Like a lot of today's country stars, Lady Antebellum traffics in heartache. But aside from the lyrics, there is little to suggest the band is hurting in any way. The arrangements have much in common with those too-familiar, regret-soaked Don Henley and Richard Marx hits from the '80s — if feelings are conveyed, they are as empty as prime-time TV. Mild twang aside, Lady Antebellum is a soft-rock band through and through, so perhaps Kid Rock was right about them being akin to Fleetwood Mac. Let me know when they start snorting tweak and screwing each other.Then, maybe, I'll listen.


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