Lady Gaga, Metalcore, Bar Bands, and More in This Week's Issue

Lady Gaga: She doesn't want to be friends.
Lady Gaga: She doesn't want to be friends.

This week's music feature is on Lady Gaga's seemingly overnight rise to super-stardom. Ever wonder exactly how or why this happened? Nearly everyone agrees she's awesome. But is she really? We get to the nitty gritty.

We also take a took at the subtle differences in the metalcore genre through the bands Underoath and Between the Buried and Me. And you thought everything that ended in "-core" sounded the same...

And did you know that there are a ton of local bands you've probably never heard of? We're out to catch them all, in a series of reviews on Up On The Sun. This week we recap the highlights, lowlights, and overall trends from two months worth of shows.

Nothing Not New's Jay Bennett reviews the new Versus album, plus we've got show previews for Bordertown Devils, Paper Tongues, Three 6 Mafia, Adam Lambert, Beach Fossils, and William Fitzsimmons.

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