Lady Gaga Tour to Include Dead Bodies?

Lady Gaga always manages to find a new way to challenge convention and shock both her fans and detractors. This little piece of gossip goes far beyond the usual stage antics though.

According to NME, Gaga is using Gunther Von Hagens, the same scientist who is responsible for the controversial Body Worlds exhibit, to design sets for her upcoming tour. In addition to the preserved corpses featured in Body Worlds, the man also performed the first public autopsy in 170 years, did it on TV, and invented the preservation process known as plastination which was used to create his exhibit.

He has tried to pay living people with health problems and terminal illnesses in exchange for the promise of their dead bodies, and Gaga claims the two are "kindred spirits." Though nothing has been confirmed in terms of what will and won't be included as part of the set, it's hard to imagine why she'd choose someone famous for body preservation if she didn't plan to utilize it.

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