Familiar with Ladylike? No? Well, they're local, yes, but don't get dismissive, Mr. Phoenix Indie Rock Snob — they're actually kind of awesome. These guys have a quirky, fun sing-along sound, the kind of music you should drink cheap beer and dance around to, with Stephen Malkmus-y vocals and guitars reminiscent of a Queen album. It's poppy and catchy, much like the other band frontman Rob Kroehler (formerly of The Loveblisters) plays with, fun. Yep, the one with Nate Ruess from The Format. And much like fun., Ladylike adds a heaping helping of whimsy to their tunes, so if you're in Tempe and don't want to be on the part of Mill Avenue that's welcoming back douche-y frat guys — and the girls who love them — head over to the Yucca to support what could end up being a pretty great band.


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