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When East Side Records owner Ryan Stamen dressed as comedian Neil Hamburger to emcee an October 30 Halloween party at The Rogue, he didn't expect to get into a scuffle with a rock star. But that's what Stamen says happened, after four guys dressed in black suits -- allegedly members of the rock group Interpol -- joined the party. Stamen made a comment from the stage about "the guys in the Strokes costumes." When Stamen walked past the group on his way to the restroom, he says two of the guys grabbed him, punched him in the back, and elbowed him in the ribs. One of the group -- whom Stamen identified as Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler -- knocked over his drink during the debacle, and told Stamen, "Don't you know who I am? Nobody treats me like that. You need to pay for this drink." Stamen threw three dollars at him, which was refused. The animosity continued throughout the night, and Stamen says the group looked as if it was plotting to jump him in the parking lot, but ultimately backed off. "I had plenty of backup," Stamen says. "Perhaps they're not as big in Scottsdale as they are in New York City." The Rogue could not confirm the identity of the people Stamen quarreled with, and Interpol's record label, Matador, could not be reached for comment.

After doubling its frequency to 100,000 watts in September, The Edge 103.9 has taken another step in its quest to compete with corporate radio stations. Now, cyber-audiophiles can listen to a live, commercial-free stream of the Edge's broadcasts on the Internet. The streaming will include local bands and DJ picks in lieu of commercials. Edge general manager Scott Fey looks upon the streamline as one more small step for independent radio. "We've expanded throughout the Valley," Fey says, "and now we're expanding throughout the world." To listen, go to and click the "Listen Online" link at the top right of the page.

Local musicians can also listen for their tunes on another Internet station, the new, the first station in the Arizona Music Radio network. The station is currently accepting submissions from local bands for its grand opening on December 1. Log on to for a preview.

Stinkweeds has the blues. The new location at 12 West Camelback Road will be hosting an "Acoustic Blues Jam" every Sunday from noon until 2 p.m., in the courtyard behind the store. There will be different players every week, and Stinkweeds will expand its blues section for the event. On Sunday, November 21, the Phoenix Blues Society will hold its meeting at the jam, and Market Street Coffee Company will serve coffee and pastries while the American Folk Blues DVDs play on a big-screen TV in between sets. Call 602-248-9461 for more information.


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