Leann Rimes

LeAnn Rimes

It's kinda tough to measure someone's success as an adult when that person attained international fame at age 13. Child prodigy LeAnn Rimes earned the respect of the country music world at an early age, frequently being compared to Patsy Cline, and reaching number 10 on the Billboard Country Chart with her '96 mainstream hit "Blue." Since her promising start as a young 'un, Rimes has not only become more diverse musically, dabbling in the world of mainstream pop, but she's also publicly dealt with a few more grownup issues. In addition to suing her father, reconciling with him in time for her wedding, and her anticipated participation in the "Nashville Rising" benefit concert for flood recovery, she also just recently opened up about her affair with her Lifetime movie co-star Eddie Cibrian, which ultimately ended her marriage and his. The adult Rimes has made a full return to country music, and is celebrating the release of her newest record, Lady and Gentlemen. Is the prim and proper title a sign that she's settling down?


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