Life in Pictures

Life in Pictures has been making the trek from Prescott into Phoenix to play metal for a few years now. But beyond making a name in the local community, the band has caught the attention of Tim Lambesis, vocalist for the rising Christian metalcore band As I Lay Dying, who signed Life in Pictures to record the first release on his new label, Clockwork Recording Company. By the Sign of the Spyglass is fast, abrasive and powerful, updating thrash metal by blending old-school hardcore speed and rhythm with more mainstream metal guttural growling. Life in Pictures avoids sounding repetitious by including breakdowns and guitar solos -- things to satisfy both hardcore and metal fans. The lyrics tackle deaths of friends, drug addiction, and crises of faith. Lambesis sees potential in Life in Pictures, and he's justified. By the Sign of the Spyglass is a solid album that'll give the five-piece a shot at making it.


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