Liquid Heat

If you were hankering for many happy returns in 2007, looks like you're gonna get your wish, bub. Namely, the dope drum 'n' bass DJs of Essential Wednesdays, who were dumped from their longtime weekly gig at Sky Lounge late last year, are making a comeback with Liquid Heat on Friday, January 19. And it's only fitting they're holding the event at the Brickhouse Theater, 1 East Jackson Street, which finally got its longtime liquor license problems ironed out. So get ready to suck down some Stolis while U.K. d'n'b deity Marcus Intalex flies across the pond to make his Arizona debut with plenty of needles and grooves. Meanwhile, Essential crew member Pac-D, and local turntablist Terra (a.k.a. hipster clothing entrepreneur Sean Barbas) provide backup. Feel the heat starting at 10 p.m. with a $12 cover. Call 602-258-7880.


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