Local Bands to Host Fundraiser for The Ghost Inside, Who Suffered a Fatal Crash on the Way to Mesa

Tragedy struck metalcore band The Ghost Inside yesterday as the band traveled through Texas on the way to the Nile Theater. For reasons still unknown, the band's tour bus struck a semi in a head-on collision, killing the drivers of both the tour bus (31-year-old Gregory Hoke) and the semi (64-year-old Steven Cunningham). 

Three members of the band, drummer Andrew Tkaczykt, vocalist Jonathan Vigil, and guitarist Zach Johnson, 28, were airlifted to a nearby hospital and are said to be in critical condition, reported KFOX14 in Texas.

The band set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for expenses. Just 16 hours after being set up, the band has already raised almost $28,000.

"The Ghost Inside's tour bus driver died during the accident and leaves behind a child. We hope to help cover funeral expenses for him and his family.

"Multiple members of the band and crew suffered serious injuries during the ordeal. Two members of the band had to be airlifted which is extremely expensive. Equipment was also lost in addition to expensive medical bills incurred. This is extremely costly for the band," reads the explanation on the page. 

The band also issued a statement on its Facebook page:

"Thanks to everyone who reached out with concern today. The Ghost Inside was involved in a serious bus accident outside El Paso, TX this morning. All 5 band members + all members of the crew are alive and currently being treated for their injuries. Please keep them in your thoughts as well as their bus driver and those in the other vehicle who did not make it. Unfortunately, all US shows on the Locals Only Tour are cancelled. Refunds available at point of purchase. We will update you more when we can."

The band canceled all further appearances on the tour and offered a refund to everyone at point of purchase. But the show at the Nile will go on as scheduled as a fundraiser with proceeds going towards the band. The Ghost Inside tour, titled the "Locals Only Tour," will now be an all-local show. 

Tonight, TGI inside will not be able to make it but the locals are still going to play to raise money for people involved in the bus accident yesterday. See you tonight

Posted by The World Famous Nile Theater on Friday, 20 November 2015

"Tonight, [The Ghost Inside] will not be able to make it but the locals are still going to play to raise money for people involved in the bus accident yesterday. See you tonight," read a post on the Nile Theater's Facebook page. 

Tickets are $10 at the door, and the show begins at 6:15.

The schedule is as follows:

6:15 - 6:35: Heaven's Final War
6:50 - 7:10: Kitokiri
7:25 - 7:45: Liar's Tongue
8 - 8:20: Lifelink
8:35 to 8:55: Troubled
9:10 to 9:30: Withered Bones
9:45 to 10:05: No Altars
10:20 to end: Purgatory
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