Los Lobos

Los Lobos exploded out of the barrios of Los Angeles in 1983 with and a time to dance, a seven-song mini-album that meshed Mexican folk music, blues, rock and R&B into a unique sound, long before the terms "Americana" and "roots rock" were standard music lingo. In the early '90s, albums like The Neighborhood and Kiko showed them to be one of America's most innovative bands, adding dark musical textures and experimental percussion techniques to their sound without diluting their dedication to homegrown rock 'n' roll. Los Lobos' current tour continues its 30th-anniversary celebration, showcasing the folkloric music of Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico, and emphasizing the Mexican folk music the band members grew up with. As a bonus, they'll be playing acoustic instruments on stage for the first time since their "Pistola y Corazon" tour 15 years ago.


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