Luna front man Dean Wareham is the musical equivalent of one of those old chaps you see at county fairs presiding over an arts-and-crafts booth surrounded by dozens of handcrafted pepper grinders that look identical save for a different wild animal head atop each one. Rendezvous is the New York indie-rock outfit's seventh studio album since 1992, when Wareham formed the band after breaking up Galaxie 500, his pioneering Boston slowcore group. It will also be the band's last: Wareham announced earlier this month that after touring Rendezvous through the beginning of next year, the members will happily go their separate ways. As full of low-level back-seat mumbling and mellow streetlight guitar lines as any of the six CDs that preceded it, Rendezvous suggests that Wareham likely could have made six more without giving in to a need to dabble in other styles or moods. Fortunately, here that means a gratifying predictability in the Grateful Dead mode, not the coma-inducing sameness some closed-minded indie types proffer. Wareham takes another gently insistent guitar solo, and you marvel at his patience with the form.


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