Lymbyc Systym's brotherly love is music.

Lymbyc Systym

Recently back from a six-month tour, brothers Mike and Jared Bell of the Lymbyc Systym display their intense musical relationship via jaw-dropping keyboard and percussion performances. Their sound blends electric jazz with elements of electronica and indie rock, and winds up being unique with strong beats and impressive grooves. The duo headlines the Ferocious Donkey Records Showcase, organized by Mike Bell, co-owner of the record label, which promises to be rich with experimental music including fusions of jazz, electronica and rock. "Most of the stuff that gets recognition coming from [Tempe] is rock or punk, and this stuff is all more obscure, like indie, electronica and jazz," Bell says. "I'm excited about being able to showcase that side of the Valley's music scene."


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