Lymbyc Systym @ Yucca Tap Room

Ethereal and otherworldly, Lymbyc Systym has a knack for activating its purposely misspelled namesake, the little corner of your brain known for controlling emotions. Their instrumental waveforms also evoke Explosions in the Sky, Four Tet, or The Appleseed Cast, gaining them the attention of touring mates like The Album Leaf, The Books, Crystal Castles, and This Will Destroy You. Like a lot of post-rock culture, these acquaintances have led to multiple remixes being passed back and forth. Unlike a lot of post-rock contemporaries, Systym's need for the bombastic isn't countered by overbearing negativity. The music is optimistic, but not overwrought. Formed in 2001 in Tempe, a town brothers and bandmates Jared and Michael Bell once called home, the band's spent time all over the globe, in places like Brooklyn, Austin, and Japan, since splitting. The duo used the Net to bridge the geographic gap, and the resulting new tunes sound seamless. While Jared is still in New York, Michael has been back in the Valley since January, playing with local acts like Knesset, but Lymbyc Systym hasn't played a show in Phoenix in nearly three years. The show will also highlight the band's third album, Symbolyst, which was released Tuesday, September 18.


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