The drunk and jolly mingle at Myst in Scottsdale on Friday, January 19.
Lilia Menconi

Mackin' and Movin' at Myst

The Valley's post-adolescent crusty punk rockers have been getting a lot of camera time lately, so Club Candids hit up one of Scottsdale's most popular clubs, Myst, on Friday, January 19, and the only crust was found in the hair gel of the employed and freshly bathed Scottsdale socialites. DJ J. Alan was spinning his weekly gig while the coifed crowd did its share of dancing, boozing, and cruising for one-night-stand potential. We shied away from the infamous VIP lounges to mingle with the commoners on the dance floor and patio. Of course, it wouldn't be a Scottsdale club without strapless tops, shiny button-ups, and a hired bikini-girl dancer — all of which were a part of the scenery. But maybe silicone contracts in cold air, because we didn't see many busty, fake-baked blondes. Instead, we were bombarded with people who looked polished, but relatively normal. Regardless of the cup size, chicks had no trouble scoring dudes, as the ratio was easily two to one. Always nice to have your pick of the litter, eh, ladies?


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