Blessed with an uncommon power to transform a sort of jovial brotherhood into eclectic, rootsy rock songs, Marah has always attracted fans with the prowess of its live performances, aiming not to replicate its albums onstage but rather to infuse its albums with the vigor of its stage show. The Philadelphia foursome offers a wide range of sound, from hushed and emotive ballad-type songs to rollicking alt-country rockers, all played in the relaxed, meandering manner for which the group has become known. Although Marah's latest disc is unsurprisingly a live album (recorded in Spain), the group can always be counted on to spin through an intimate set of old and new material, including tracks off 2005's critically acclaimed If You Didn't Laugh You'd Cry, an honest collection of live-feeling numbers. And although it's now past the holiday season, which eliminates the relevance of Christmas, fans can still hope Marah will grace them with one of the group's dynamic renditions of traditional carols.


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