MarchFourth Marching Band

The Sail Inn seems an unlikely place to catch a marching band perform. You'd expect to find a marching band at a parade or somewhere they could, you know, actually march. But there isn't very much traditional about Portland's MarchFourth Marching Band. On paper, the group is built just like your typical marching band. It features a 12-piece horn section (four saxophones, four trombones, four trumpets) and a 10-piece drum/percussion set, and it's anchored by a battery-powered electric bass. But that's really where the similarities end. If anything, MarchFourth is more a traveling circus than a marching band. Its live shows feature the colorfully costumed band alongside stilt-walkers, fire-eaters, flag twirlers, and burlesque dancers. The group has a wide range of musical influences ranging from gypsy brass to funk. MarchFourth is touring in support of its second studio album, Rise Up. Their unique approach to the marching band concept and the combination of big sound and entertaining stage act almost guarantee an exciting show. Certainly better than anything you can expect to find at halftime of a local high school football game.


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