Marky Ramone

For the glam-trash rocker set that's infiltrated seemingly every club in town for at least one night a week, it really doesn't get much bigger than this: Marky Ramone throwing down on the turntables at Hot Pink. There's mad competition in the rawk DJ scene these days, and that's a good thing, what with Shake! at The Rogue, the Palo Verde's Wednesday night scene, and their ilk, but getting a fucking Ramone on the decks? That's the definition of raising the bar. We're betting on hearing at least a couple Ramones tracks, but you'll likely hear a mix akin to what Marky plays on his show on Sirius radio's Faction 28 channel, a veritable old-school punk rock blitzkrieg. It's a skeevy little 10 bucks to get in to see one of the kings of punk rock playing tracks for your ass-shaking enjoyment on Friday, February 3, at Karamba Nightclub.


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