Maroon 5

When Adam Levine and his equally apologetic bandmates in Maroon 5 won Best New Artist at the Grammys in February, perhaps they sensed the beginning of their end. Songs About Jane, pleasant but anonymous, had maintained a healthy run on the Billboard charts, throwing out singles you instantly recognized on the radio, even if you couldn't remember who sang the songs. But that Grammy sufficiently raised their profile and sealed their career trajectory. First came the critical disbelief. Then came the band's playful/unconvincing attempts to laugh off/justify the Grammy. Next up will be the awkward attempt to follow up the commercially huge first record, followed by a snotty, snarky backlash. Then comes disappointing record sales. Then comes a Levine solo album with a sincere photo on the cover, and Levine hosting a VH1 fashion awards show. Then comes "Whatever happened to Maroon 5?" Eventually comes the 20-year reunion tour with 3 Doors Down.


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