Matt and Kim @ Marquee Theatre

If Matt and Kim had never made it as a musical duo, they probably could've found success as therapists. The indie-punk band is sickeningly sweet and happy, putting just as much emphasis on their perma-smiles and interaction with fans as on the music they play. Matt and Kim dance on their instruments, throw balloons into the audience, and carry out long conversations on stage. It's obvious that Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino have formed a tight bond since they met nearly 10 years ago as students at New York's Pratt Institute. And it's probably not difficult to be constantly oh-so-happy when you're working with the love of your life (the two are in a romantic relationship). When they come through town, the Brooklyn-based duo will play songs off their latest album, Sidewalks. Don't be fooled by their recent video for "Cameras," though. Almost as if they're poking fun at their perpetually happy state, the clip features the pair beating each other bloody. But at their concert, the only blood you're likely to see is that coming from Kim's thrashing on her drums, which gives this giddy group just enough edge to call themselves punk.


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