MC Lars

Dubbed a "post-punk laptop MC," Brooklyn musician MC Lars has almost initiated a new form of music with his fast-talking, rap-ish songs about pop culture. With his compositions of electronic beats and blips, as well as actual instrumentals, MC Lars spews through ironic songs such as "Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock," a charging punk song criticizing the mall staple; "Hipster Girl," which rags on indie-rock girls from Brooklyn; and "Download This Song," a rapid ditty encouraging Internet music downloading and condemning record-label executives for their inability to keep up with technology. The music itself may not be strikingly original or well thought out, but it's really the attitude and the lyrics that drive MC Lars and fill out the choruses with surprising hooks. MC Lars is even funnier onstage, as he rips through his always amusing songs. Plus, if you've ever wondered where are all the bad emo bands are coming from, MC Lars will explain it to you in "Signing Emo."


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