Meat Puppets Debut "Orange" Video (Spoiler Alert: It's Freaky)

The Meat Puppets released a new album, Lollipop, back in April, and  Pitchfork TV has debuted a video for their song "Orange," a particularly driving psych-rock with Cris Kirkwood's heavy bass leading the charge, from the record.

The stop-motion animated video, directed by Michael Etoll, is damn twisted, too.

Chock full of creepy monsters, disembodied eyes and heads, terrifying plastic frogs, a demented Santa Clause, and babies with skulls for heads, the video accomplishes the chief goal of all music videos -- that is, to scare you and make your parents uncomfortable (remind me to tell you about my dad's "Black Hole Sun" lecture sometime).

Click the cut to few the video, and please don't blame us if you are left feeling weird and a little icky afterward. After all, we totally warned you.

Video courtesy of Pitchfork.


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