There better not be a cover -- you're bringing your own music!

Menu at AZ 88

Who needs freakin' DJs anyway? Unless they're scratching, beat juggling, or throwing down mash-ups, they're just playing songs -- you know what you wanna listen to better than they do, right? If you think so, and you're bourgeois enough to own an iPod, bring it down to AZ 88 on Sunday, September 4, for the inaugural weekly party they're calling "Menu," hosted by Mr. P-Body. Sure, it's a stupid name for a club night, but if you head down with your iPod and take a number, you'll get to rock your own steez for a quarter-hour. There's no cover charge, and the getdown goes from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. These iPod parties have been all the rage in metropolises around the country for a while now; here in the 'Nix, it's better late than never.


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