Isn't Tony Lovato the dreamiest? With that unruly mess of spiked blond hair and those baby blues of his, you know in your heart of hearts the tattooed cutie-pie singer of bubblegum punk foursome Mest is singing just for you, be it live in concert or during an appearance on MTV. Whether you're a girl or even a guy (just ask Benji Madden from Good Charlotte), the ambisextrous Lovato will win your heart as he eyes you from the stage, forcing you to dream up a torrid fan fiction story about how you hooked up at a bus stop, which you'll post on the Internet. Afterward, you'll consider carving both your names into your chest after being inspired by the lyrics from "Kiss Me, Kill Me" ("A tragedy that's built on destiny/It left you with everything but/Blood from the knife that I cut your heart out with/Now relax, close your eyes, what comes next is the surprise"). And since the band's parting ways after the current tour (at least according to its MySpace page), maybe Tony will have plenty of time to come over and serenade you personally (if only he'd lift that restraining order and start returning your phone calls).


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