Metal Hearts

Anar Badalov, one-half of the lo-fi duo Metal Hearts, could really benefit from some self-esteem seminars. Granted, Metal Hearts' musical style (quiet guitars and haunting harmonies layered over subtle, programmed drum beats, à la Mazzy Star on a booze bender) begs for melancholy musings, but Badalov takes a lyrical turn toward self-abuse in the likes of "Mountain Song," where he calls himself "a worthless little shit," and "Midnight's Sun," where he sings, "God knows I can't handle another critical review." Badalov's broken heart seems to stem from losing his girlfriend to wanderlust, as songs like "Disappeared," "Ocean Song," and "Airplanes Flying" all make reference to how much he misses some chick who left on a jet plane. Badalov's musical partner, Flora Wolpert-Checknoff, lends some sad saxophone to many of the tracks, and together as Metal Hearts, the pair's created a musical "Miss You" Hallmark card. And somewhere across the sea, Badalov's ex-girlfriend is probably feeling really bad right about now.


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