Metro Area

Metro Area transports listeners into an alternate universe. It picks up where Prince and Paul Simpson left off, crafting modern disco with enough flair to not be discounted as retro fare. With its 1999 single "Atmosphrique" (included on this album), Metro Area pioneered a new sound embraced by left-field DJs. Morgan Geist, well-known for his tech-laden dance tracks, used his partnership with newcomer Darshan Jesrani to up the funk quotient, exploring a mutual love for the sounds of New York clubs in the late '80s and early '90s.

In album form, however, Metro Area suffers. Most of the tracks -- at six minutes-plus -- are too long and monotonous for home listening. The four new tracks on the LP are as consistent as earlier material yet still seem geared for use in a club setting. For house aficionados, this album is essential, but for the casual listener, it may be a bit much.


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