MGMT, Vivian Girls, et al. to Cover David Bowie

Let's face it. Cover albums are usually a bad idea. While it's wonderful to see one artist admire another so much that (s)he wishes to have a recording permanently linking the two together, most of the time the art of the craft is lost. David Bowie's Pin Ups is an exception, widely considered on of the best cover albums in rock. Now, a slew of young, hip musicians will be coming together to try and Pin Up David, covering 28 of Bowie's classics. Proceeds from the sale of the record will go Warchild, a UK-based nonprofit that works with children affected by war. Let's hope that these less-seasoned youngsters pull it off. It could be amazing, or it could be a disaster. No pressure guys.

STORY: David Bowie tribute album tracklisting announced


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