It's been three years since the (mostly) annual Ozzfest tour descended on the Valley. That's hard to believe, especially considering that Phoenix was the site of the first Ozzfest, way back in 1996. True, the 2008 Ozzfest was confined to a single show in Frisco, Texas, and the tour went on hiatus in 2009, but as the place where it all started, you'd think the Valley would at least merit one of the mere six stops on this year's abbreviated tour. Alas, it was not to be, so you can't blame the guys at K&Z Entertainment for trying to satiate the legions of Valley metalheads with an all-local "Mini-Ozzfest" (cue Sharon Osbourne with a cease and desist in 3, 2, 1...). Unfortunately, though the real Ozzfest typically offers decent variety from metal's many sub-genres, this Mini-Ozzfest is firmly rooted in the angsty, overwrought style of metal popularized by Ozzfest mainstays Drowning Pool and Disturbed. Co-headliners [sic]monic and The Asylum arguably play that stuff as well as some national acts, but with seven other similar-sounding bands on the bill, things could get a little tedious. Then again, it might be worth going just to see how 6 Aside's combination of metal and Auto-Tune (it had to happen eventually, right?) translates live.


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