Miniature Tigers

You got to give it up for local boys done good. Former downtown poster boys Miniature Tigers may have shuffled off to New York, but that hasn't stopped them or their label, Modern Art Records, from drawing considerable national focus to Phoenix and Arizona-centric issues, like posting a message from promoter Charlie Levy to the nationwide indie scene on their website. It's nice to see a light shined, but when Fortress, Miniature Tigers' follow-up to Tell It to the Volcano, gets released later this month, it's hard to imagine anyone will give much of a hoot where the band hails from, as the music is already attracting plenty of attention; the new record comes attached with plenty of Pitchfork-approved names (with cuts produced by Neon Indian and Chris Chu of The Morning Benders) and has already garnered advance praise from big-time websites like Stereogum and Pitchfork, not to mention a generally positive review from this publication. Fortress drops July 27, which is — fancy that — the same day the band rolls into The Rhythm Room with The Spinto Band, a nice move from a group that clearly hasn't forgotten its roots.


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