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Miniature Tigers Debut "Boomerang," a New Track From Forthcoming Album Mia Pharaoh

​It's been awhile since we heard anything from New Yorkizonans Miniature Tigers, but yesterday they released a tune off their upcoming album, Mia Pharaoh.

There's no official word on a release date for the disc just yet, but if "Boomerang" is any indication, we might be hearing more from the Miniature Tigers of yore.

Last year's Fortress went a tad psychedelic, with Mini T's swapping their catchy pop hooks for acid-tripping adventures with coyotes. Personally, I totally dug the sound change-up, but I can see how it could have been a shock to local fans that were used to seeing front man Charlie Brand rock his trademark teddy bear sweater -- not go all Jim Morrison on us. 

"Boomerang" is pretty much everything you'd expect from an M.T. song -- pretty little harmonies, lovely and lazy vocals -- with a dance edge, even.

I can't wait to hear more of this record, but I hope they try something more experimental than the standard fare on this track. 

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