Miniature Tigers head off on tour tomorrow

Miniature Tigers head off on tour tomorrow
Jonathan McNamara

Local indie pop favorites Miniature Tigers (who are rumored to be moving out East soon) embark on a 2-month tour tomorrow across the country.

Next week, they'll be playing solo, then the buzz-y band joins Say Anything, along with rock bands Eisley and Moneen. The tour stops in Tempe November 20 at Marquee Theatre, with advance tickets at $16.50.

The group's come a long way, starting out as vocalist/guitarist Charlie Brand's project in 2005, and has picked up momentum since the release of their current album, Tell It To the Volcano.

We think the pairing of Miniature Tigers with Say Anything is interesting, considering the Tigers are lighter fare, but we're stoked the band keeps on moving up with national exposure.

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