"We don't need no stinkin' badges": Molotov.

The uninitiated need only follow this recipe for a Molotov cocktail: Make a blend of Cypress Hill grooves, Rage consciousness, Chili Pepper outrageousness and Clash sensibility and pour into a petrol-filled Mexican Coke bottle, then use your cool uncle's sweat-stained CBGB tee shirt for a fuse and voilà!

The Mexico City rapanrol quartet kicks off its U.S. tour in Phoenix in support of Dance and Dense Denso, its third studio effort. Molotov used recent promo gigs at a SXSW Latin Rock Alliance showcase and a record release party in Los Angeles to wipe away any dust the band may have accumulated during its much-deserved two-year hiatus.

It's also roaring back with an animated video for the bilingual single "Frijolero," created by the same animators who made Richard Linklater's Waking Life so innovative. The video attacks Dubya's Iraqi policy, border racism and Mexican corruption. Its stance on the latter helped the brash, foul-mouthed, sardonic group land on the cover of Rolling Stone in Mexico.

So be prepared: When Molotov graces the new Marquee Theatre stage, don't expect the pyrotechnics that certain not-so-great-white bands unwisely favor. But do expect an audio and visual assault that in the good way will leave you more than slightly singed.

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