Everything old is new again: Monade explores the pleasantly familiar sounds of lounge pop.

Stereolab singer/multi-instrumentalist Laetitia Sadier confers with her recording engineer on the first day of sessions for A Few Steps More, the second album from her side quartet, Monade.

"It's so nice to get a break from Stereolab and work on another project for a while."

"Yeah, I like Stereolab a lot, don't get me wrong, but it must get at least a tiny bit stale when you keep putting out such similar-sounding records every year or two, no?"


Monade, and The Zincs

Rhythm Room

Scheduled to perform Sunday, May 29

"I know! We're like the Ramones of drone-pop!"

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"Well, now you can mix it up a little. So what've you and the band come up with? Something a little techno-y and dancier? Maybe some stripped-down acoustic ballads? Show-tune covers? Some of that crazy No Wave stuff, perhaps?"

"Well, we started with these kinda metronomic beats, and then we layered Moogs and other analog synths over it, along with these sorta loping guitar melodies and the occasional strum, plus a few little bubbly and whooshy electronic-sounding things so it sounds both retro and space-agey, and then I sing mostly in French, with lots of ba-ba-bas, and it all ends up being bright and dreamy and loungy."

"Laetitia, that sounds almost exactly like Stereolab!"

"Ummm, yeah, pretty much . . ."

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