More on the Rasputin's Dispute: Court Records and Photos

As we reported last week, party house Rasputin's Equestrian Manor closed at the beginning of this month. Our previous blog detailed the property owner's complaints against her former tenants, including allegations that they vandalized the property prior to their eviction.

The owner of the property formerly known as Rasputin's, Tanya Rathjen, has posted photos of the alleged damage to the house. We've posted two of those photos below; the rest can be viewed here. As of this writing, no charges have been filed in relation to the vandalism allegations, but we did obtain copies of all San Marcos Justice Court records pertaining to the eviction, case number CC2009-620466.

Piles of trash, reportedly left by the organizers of Rasputin's.
Piles of trash, reportedly left by the organizers of Rasputin's.
Tanya Rathjen

The records show that the primary tenant and party thrower at Rasputin's, Tap Reeve, was served with a hand-delivered eviction notice on October 10, 2009. The notice gave them five days to pay or vacate. The New Times feature on Rasputin's was being reported during
that time, and Reeve and the other tenants made no mention of their
impending eviction -- probably because they had every intention of trying to remain on the property.

Reeve filed an answer to the forcible detainer (legal jargon for "eviction") on October 26, stating that "multiple attempts were made to pay rent to Ms. Rathjen. She refused rent every time." Rathjen maintains that no attempts to pay the full rent owed were made prior to the eviction notice, and one of the conditions of the lease was that rent be paid to her in-person. Matthew Jeffries, one of the former tenants, says they attempted to pay Rathjen via PayPal.

Reeve also alleges that rent was unpaid because Rathjen violated the rental agreement: There's a written statement from Reeve, dated September 26, 2009, which requests that Rathjen fix the pool ("needs to be fixed and cleaned after your son threw the paste in it") and remove the rest of her property from the horse stalls ("we plan to rent out the stalls").

Rathjen says her former tenants left this hole in one of her walls.
Rathjen says her former tenants left this hole in one of her walls.
Tanya Rathjen

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​Despite Reeve's written complaints, San Marcos Justice Court judge Keith Frankel ruled against Reeve on October 27, levying a judgment of $9,999.99. Court records show that Reeve not only owed Rathjen October rent in the amount of $5500, but also late fees of $25 per day, beginning the 2nd of the month. Rathjen was also awarded $500 to recoup legal fees.

As for the accusations of vandalism, Reeve denies that he or any of the other tenants caused damage to the property. He and the other organizers of Rasputin's Equestrian Manor (a group that calls itself "The Family") are currently looking for another large property to rent for parties, while Rathjen plans to resume throwing her own swingers parties at her property, which she calls "My Secret House."  

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