Most Cliché Wedding Songs

Most Cliché Wedding Songs

Think of every wedding you've ever been to. Between the toasts and the bouquet toss, the traditions can feel so run into the ground you forget why you are there in the first place: to celebrate a couple who found each other in this crazy world and fell in love.

Just because the celebration of the union between two people is generally full of an inordinate amount of custom doesn't mean the playlist has to be. Sadly, most couples will hire a DJ who puts little thought into what type of music is best suited for the bride and groom and merely cues up what he or she believe the attendees want to hear. It robs the couple of the best way they have to inject a little of their own personality into the celebration.

See also: Blessed Be This Heavy Metal Union in the Valley of the Sun There is nothing wrong with playing music you know will work, especially when you're spending thousands of dollars to ensure a good time is had by all. But as you plan for your nuptials, steer clear of these selections that are as overdone as that chicken you're most likely serving to your guests:

"The Way You Look Tonight" - Various Artists Ol' Blue Eyes could sure croon a love song. Tony Bennett can make audiences young and old swoon. Harry Connick Jr and Michael Buble have even taken a crack at this jazzy standard. The reason is simple: it makes you feel aglow because you've heard it played at every wedding you've ever gone to. It so easily sums up how you'll feel seeing yourselves in a tuxedo and wedding gown.

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"Unchained Melody" - The Righteous Brothers

The song was originally written as the theme to a little-known prison film titled Unchained. This ditty about a man who has hungered for the touch of his true love is now best associated with the visually metaphorical vase that Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze attempted to make in the 1990 film Ghost. Not only has the song become a wedding reception cliche, it's a little creepy to have a song best associated with a sex scene played in front of the bride's parents.

"Maybe I'm Amazed" - Paul McCartney

Using the same gravely voice he used to such great effect in the Beatles' album Abbey Road, Paul McCartney wrote a song to his wife Linda, whom he credits with helping him get through the breakup of the Fab Four. It perfectly sums up in three minutes how couples can support each other through rough times, which is why clever movie music supervisors have some young and hip artist do a cover version for the big wedding scene. Now it is the go-to songs for DJs who want to see a couple do a slow dance and for contestants in televised music singing competitions.

"Butterfly Kisses" - Bob Carlisle

No one, including Christian singer Bob Carlisle, expected the surprising and monumental success of the song he wrote for his daughter to celebrate her sweet sixteen. "Butterfly Kisses" describes in adult-contemporary terms how he feels as a father after his daughter kisses him goodnight after they say their prayers. It is as inescapable for father/daughter dances now as it was on the radio in 1997. Diabetics might need to skip the wedding cake after listening to this sugary sweet confection.

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