Most Influential Arizona Punk Rock Records: #3 -- The Feederz' Jesus

Most Influential Arizona Punk Rock Records: #3 -- The Feederz' Jesus

Consider this question: Are you an Earwig?

Let the idea roll around on your brain for a minute. Longtime Phoenicians know the bug well, even if they haven't seen one for a while. Are you a human equivalent? Are you even a 10th earwig?

More than likely, this is an important distinction to make, especially if you are to interact with Frank Discussion, who played guitar and sang lead vocals for The Feederz during the entirety of their career. Discussion doesn't care for earwigs, human or otherwise, and the inspiration for the title track of their influential Jesus came from walking around the Arizona State University campus one day in the late '70s with a used Kotex hanging out of his mouth.

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Most Influential Arizona Punk Rock Records: #3 -- The Feederz' Jesus
Courtesy of Dan Clark

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"The reactions of the earwigs at ASU made me really want to rip into [their] most sacred and cherished beliefs," Discussion says.

Along with bandmates Art Nouveau (a.k.a. the late, great John Vivier/John E. Precious) on drums and Clear Bob (Dan Clark) on bass, Discussion was no stranger to odd reactions or caustic attacks.

"We were playing one time, and my brother [Meat Puppet Curt Kirkwood] was standing in front of us with his eyes closed, you know, getting lost in the music, and Frank just gave him like a karate kick right to the gut," says Cris Kirkwood, who may have played bass on one track from the Jesus EP and performed live with the Feederz for a year or so.

Kirkwood says Discussion dropped a boom box off his balcony, narrowly missing him as he arrived for his first rehearsal with the band after Clear Bob had moved to Los Angeles. The tales of Frank Discussion's antagonistic behavior are legendary, but considering he views much of the human race as earwigs, it kind of makes sense. What makes even more sense is the level of influence the Feederz have had on punk rock, especially in Phoenix.

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