Most Precious Blood

Brooklyn-based Most Precious Blood, which includes former members of Indecision, creates an honest and raw East Coast hardcore sound without metal frills. Carrying the banner of old-school NYHC ethics, these musicians are all either strict vegans or vegetarians, and have dedicated their lives to relentless touring. In return, many dedicated fans have tattooed the Indecision lyric "For those I love I will sacrifice" into their flesh. Still, hardcore bands don't have to be serious all the time to gain credibility. It Dies Today, one of the most promising bands to hit the scene this year, merges metal guitars with hardcore-styled drums and vocals -- and does it right. The trick may be that It Dies Today knows how to have fun. What other band makes reference to Ben Stiller's film Zoolander in a song title ("Freak Gasoline Fight Accident")? It Dies Today has created powerful songs that surely will be amazing live. Go to this show early and meet your new favorite band.


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