Motion City Soundtrack

Ever since Motion City Soundtrack frontman Justin Pierce announced his trepidation for what is to come on the insanely catchy "The Future Freaks Me Out," from the Minneapolis fivesome's 2003 debut, I Am the Movie (Epitaph), it's been nearly impossible to deny the band's infectious hooks. Combining the immediate likability of jumping power pop with a knack for memorable songwriting and relatable lyrics, MCS has soared through two records that are similarly engaging. Now, with a new disc, titled Even If It Kills Me (due out this week) and the danceable, '80s-tinged new single "Broken Heart" bouncing around the Internet, the group seems poised for radio domination. MCS' thumping live show matches the intense catchiness of their albums, encouraging everyone in the crowd to sing along even if they don't know the words. Not that it matters, because they'll probably know them by the end of the show.


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